Carnival Menu 

 Price per person / per selection $2.60

Carnival Canapes 

Caramelised onion, semi-dried tomato & feta tart (V)

Spiced lentil & spinach fritters, mango gel (VEGAN)

Crab & fennel spring rolls, sauce soubise

Mini pies of braised lamb shanks, rosemary, preserved lemons

Arancini of baby spinach, manchego, chive, red pepper aioli (GF, V) 

Mini wagyu beef burgers, caramelised onions, homemade tomato ketchup

Macadamia nut crumbed chicken schnitzel, homemade cranberry dip (DF)

Warm frittata of kale, broccoli, peas, toasted walnuts (V)

Mini boxes of salted peanuts

Mini boxes of sweet potato chips with cinnamon

Mini lamb, almond & harissa sausage rolls, mint gel

Tiger prawns, Sichuan pepper, salt & pepper vinegar (DF)

Chicken lollipops 

From The Grandstand 

Gourmet Hot Dogs

Price per person $8.50 

Gourmet sausages made from finely minced pork & beef, lightly spiced. 

Gluten free, naturally wood smoked BBQ'd

With hot dog relish, hot pepper rings, corn relish, jalapeno peppers, American Mustard

Minimum of 150 guests

Fish & Chips

Price per person $6.50

Crumbed fish goujons & shoestring chips

With tartare sauce

Served in newspaper cones & mini frying baskets 

Slider Bar 

Price per person $6.50

Sliders of marinated and slow roasted shredded pork, vegetable coleslaw on a brioche bun

Homemade corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on an artisian multigrain bun

Pulled lamb shank, lemon, chipotle

Crispy quinoa & chickpea sliders (VEGAN)

Mash Potato Bar

Price per person $4.50

Mashed potato with pea puree, cottage cheese, bacon, caramelised onions, red peppers, bolognese, slow cooked lamb shoulder, Wagyu beef, veal goulash...

Hot Jacket Potatoes 

Price per person $4.50

Served with either

Chili & beef

Cottage cheese, avocado, heirloom tomatoes

Tex Mex - beans, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro

Healthy Chicken Tacos

Price per person $5.50

Chicken, tomato, corn, shredded iceberg lettuce, sweet potato, black bean, corn

With a honey-lime sauce

Paella (GF, DF)

Price per person $6.50

Cooked in an oversized Paella pan with fresh seafood, saffron, paprika.

Seafood only Paella $3.00 surcharge (vegetarian option available) 


Price per person $8.50

Watch us as we stretch the dough by throwing it up in the air & creat our pizzas right in front of their very eyes

Toppings include

Potato, rosemary

Prosciutto, mozzarella


Sweet Treats

Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss)

Price per person $3.50 

Freshly made from a traditional carnival fairy floss machine

Minimum of 100 guests


Price per person $3.50

Freshly popped before your eyes from nostalgia popcorn cart

Minimum of 100 guests

Mini Toffee Apples

Price per person $3.75

Miniature sized apples encased in a hard toffee shell

Spagat Krapfen

Price per person $4.10

Traditional Austrian "Spagat" donut

Toppings include


Vanilla bean

Chantilly cream with cranberries


Price per person $3.50

Traditional Spanish donut rolled in cinnamon sugar served with chocolate fondue

The Creperie

Price per person $5.55 

Hand turned French style crepes with flambeed oranges, rosewater infused double cream, chocolate ganache, mixed berries, slivered almonds & minted melon salsa

Minimum of 30 guests

Austrian Sweet Dumpling House

Price per person $4.20

Little dumplings filled with nougat, chocolate, strawberry, cheese

Rolled in hazelnuts, served with their own sauces


Price per person $3.95

Cake pops

Macaroon pops

Cookie pops

V= Vegetarian, GF= Gluten Free, DF= Dairy Free

** All prices are exclusive of GST