What suburbs do you cater in?

We cater all over Sydney and suburbs North, Central and along the South Coasts. Please note for functions located outside of the Sydney CBD area will incur staff travel allowances. Please contact our team to obtain a quote for a more accurate costing.
Our refrigerated catering trucks allow us to transport our fresh foods further distances. NB: For functions located outside of Sydney, staff travel allowances may apply. Please call us to obtain a customised quote based on the location of your function.

For which venues are you allowed to cater?

We are fortunate to be able to cater in many venues across Sydney. We are on the preferred panel of caterers for many of Sydney’s best venues, please see our Venues for more information.
We are on the preferred panel of caterers for many of Sydney’s best venues. Please see our venues page for more information.

Do you cater for children?

Yes, we absolutely do. We have a dedicated children’s menu for any occasion.
We have a children’s menu which includes options for canapés, entrées, main meals and desserts.

What is the minimum number of people you cater for?

We don’t have a minimum for guest numbers that we cater for. It is important to note that our bookings are subject to availabilities and a surcharge for lower guest numbers is charged.
We do not have a minimum guest number however bookings are subject to availability and in some circumstances, there may be an additional fee for lower guest numbers.

Can we supply our own alcohol?

Yes, all clients can supply their own beverages for their events. It does need to be advised that some venues will charge a corkage fee. We do provide ice bags & our industry grade chilling containers as well as our overnight storage and transportation services if required.
Yes, you are welcome to supply your beverages (NB: Some venues may charge a corkage fee). European Catering can provide ice bags and industry grade chilling containers as well as overnight storage and transport of beverages if required.

Can we supply our own staff?

All our staff are accredited, fully insured & covered by workers compensation and trained to provide our quality service and align with our Gold License.
European Catering will provide all kitchen staff and professional service personnel for your function. All staff are fully insured and covered by workers compensation, as well as being RSA certified. Please refer to question below for advice on deliveries if you do not wish to hire European Catering staff.

How many staff do I need?

All quoted staff are subject to each individual event brief received and quoted accordingly to ensure that your events success. Staffing quoted is based on guest numbers, volume & complexity of your menu selection, logistics of the venue and time of your event.
Adequate staffing is a crucial factor in the success of your event. Your required number of service and kitchen staff will depend on your guest number, the volume and complexity of your menu selections as well as the logistics of your venue and timing of your function. Your quotation will include the required amount of service staff, chefs and chef assistants to ensure your event is as successful as possible.

I don’t require a chef or service staff onsite are you able to deliver?

Yes, we certainly do provide delivery only options without the requirement of staff onsite. We do not deliver warm items due to our food & safety policy we have. Our chef’s have specifically designed our cold canape and buffet delivery menus to suit these requests.
Yes, we have specially designed cold delivery menus for cocktail and buffets. Please refer to our menus page for a full list of options. NB: No warm items will be delivered; cold items only are suitable for deliveries due to food safety regulations.

The venue I have selected does not have a kitchen. Are you still able to cater?

Yes, we will be able to supply all necessary equipment for your selected menu including portable ovens, gas rings etc. provided there is an appropriate area for us to set up.

I am having a cocktail party at a venue which has a kitchen but no oven. Can you work with a microwave oven as well?

Our canapés require an oven for cooking and heating – a microwave oven isn’t adequate as attempting to reheat or cook canapés using this method reduces the quality and taste of the product. Alternatively, portable ovens, gas rings and other kitchen equipment can be hired from European Catering and set up in an appropriate room within the venue. It is important that there is clearance from the venue/building manager that isolation of the heat sensors/smoke detectors are able to be provided.

Do you supply wedding cakes, celebration cakes, flowers, table decorations, etc.?

We have a list of recommended suppliers whom you are welcome to contact directly. Feel free to contact our team should you require further information on those suppliers.

Can I change the menu or can you provide a specially designed menu?

Our Executive Chef would be happy to design a menu tailored to your function. We also cater for a range of special dietary requirements. It is important to note that custom menus will be charged accordingly.

How do I confirm my booking?

Once you are satisfied with the quote we have provided and have agreed to our terms and conditions, please complete and return the booking confirmation form which you can fill in from your attached quote or via our website on the Enquiry page.

How do I pay for my event?

A 25% deposit is required on the initial booking, a further 50% for larger events is required 1-2 weeks prior, and the remainder is billed after the event. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, cheque, cash or Eftpos, with no credit card surcharge.

When do you require final menu selections, final guest numbers etc.?

Final menu selections and guest dietary requirements are required 1-2 weeks prior to event and final guest numbers required 4 days prior to event. Your booking can be processed well before this information is necessary, so don’t hesitate to book your event well in advance to ensure availability. Consult your allocated event coordinator for confirmation dates.

Can I sample the food beforehand?

Food and wine tastings are available for larger scale functions. Please refer to your assigned event coordinator for further details. Associated costs are advised upon request.

What happens if my event runs overtime or I require staff to stay longer?

Staff will be more than happy to stay longer if required & after communication between the allocated onsite contact has agreed and confirmed this with you. Your final invoice will be adjusted to reflect the exact hours staff have worked.

What if I need to cancel my event?

If written notification is received more than 30 days prior to the event we will refund your deposit in full. Please refer to out terms and conditions for further details of our cancellation policy. Should you wish to postpone your function, availability of your new chosen date cannot be guaranteed.

Do you cater for special dietaries?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate specific allergies and intolerances our guests may have.

While we maintain food safety and hygiene protocol to the highest standard during the preparation and transportation of our food products, depending on the severity of the allergy, I must let you know that we cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no presence of undetectable residue due to the nature of our commercial kitchen. We will of course though do all that we can to minimise any risk. I must let you know of the above just to be on the safe side if your guest is anaphylactic or severely allergic.

How much will my event cost, can you give me a quick approx. price?

All quotes are prepared specific to each individual event brief and we provide itemised quotes for all enquiries. Please contact our team to receive a quote for any enquiry you may have, all subject to our current availabilities.

Our event is focusing on sustainability, is there any way your catering can incorporate this theme in the service you provide?

Yes, we certainly can. It has been a growing theme with more of our recent events to providing sustainable produce & products amongst our services. We have a great range of eco-friendly equipment on hand as well as practices we commit to in our head office and warehouses. Please refer to our Sustainability page for more information.

Further questions?

Any further questions will be happily addressed by our European Catering event coordinators using our Enquiry form or calling 9317 2733

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