Live Cooking Stations

Let your event stand out from the rest. An interactive visual experience for your function, entertain your guests as we slice, dice or “shuck” in front of your eyes!

All dishes are designed in conjunction with our canape selections.

Prices include customised display specific to individual live cooking stations. Please note additional costs are applicable for associated crockery and cutlery.

Grazing Table

Price per person $18.00+GST (minimum of 40 guests)

Great way to allow guests to have a relaxed style of eating option and still invites them to mingle and move around, like a pre- dinner cocktailevent.

  • Charcuterie board
  • Antipasto platter
  • Tart
  • Salmon
  • Selection of cheeses
  • bread

Slider Bar

Price per person $6.50 (1 per person / selection of 2)

  • Pulled beef brisket, seeded mustard slaw
  • Twice cooked chicken, kimchi, Sriracha aioli
  • 7 hour slow roasted lamb shoulder, tzatziki, pickled cucumber, heirloom tomato 
  • European Catering Signature Slider - caraway, fennel, roasted pork, crackling, apple sauce, red cabbage
  • Fish goujon, fennel tartare, pea 
  • Eggplant & burratta (V)

Sweet Option

  • Banana & Nutella

Paella (GF, DF) (Vegetarian option available)

Price per person $8.00

Paella originated in Valencia, Spain as a one -pan peasant dish made with a little bit of everything that was on hand. Fresh seafood, saffron and paprika are the key ingredients in this traditional Spanish dish.

Surcharge for seafood only $3.00

Asian Noodle Bar (DF)

Price per person / per selection $6.50

Wok cooked teriyaki chicken with hokkien noodles, crisp Asian greens, with a soy, mint & chilli dressing

Oyster Bar (GF, DF)

Price per person $7.00 (3 oysters per person)

Variety of freshly shucked oysters including Pacific & Sydney rock oysters.

  • With fresh lime
  • mignonette-eschallot, red wine vinegar
  • Nam Jim

Minimum of 80 guests

Sashimi Bar (GF, DF)

Price per person $8.50 (3 items per person)

A selection of fresh fish hand sliced in front of your guests by our specialist chef

  • Yellow fin tuna
  • King fish
  • Tasmanian salmon

With organic soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger

Yum Cha Station

Price per person $9.50 (3 items per person)

  • Steamed gow gees
  • BBQ pork buns
  • Dim Sims
  • Prawn dumplings
  • Spicy eggplant spring rolls
  • Duck pancakes, shallots, hoisin

With black vinegar, plum sauce, soy...

Minimum of 30 guests

Churrasco Brazilian Barbeque (GF)

Entree Siz: $16.00

Main Course: $25.00

Skewered Meats Cooked Over Charcoal

  • Chorizo sausage
  • Chicken thigh marinated in garlic & herb
  • Smoky chipotle beef rib
  • Cider glazed pork neck


  • Potato, egg salad
  • Braised black beans, chorizo, bacon
  • Soft roast white onion
  • Toasted cassava flour
  • Rice


  • Chimichurri
  • Tomato onion capsicum salsa

Minimum of 40 guests

Pasta Bar

Price per person $8.50 / selection of 2


  • Lamb shank, feta, Napoli sauce
  • Mushroom, gorgonzola, spinach & tarragon cream (V)
  • Crab, smoked salmon, creme fraiche

Penne (GF available upon request)

  • Roasted artichoke, confit fennel, cherry tomatoes, salsa verde


  • Chorizo, calamari, baby spinach, sauce vierge


  • Red wine braised beef cheeks, gremolata


Price per person $8.50

  • Ink dough base, chilli prawn, rocket, mascarpone
  • Classic rosemary dough base, smoked lamb, sweet potato, feta, mint
  • Spinach dough base, artichoke, olive, semi dried tomato, parmesan (V)


Vietnamese Street Foods (GF, DF)

Price per person $7.50 (2 items per person) 

Fragrant soup of star anise, beef brisket, ginger.....

Vitnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Mint, Thai basil, rice noodles, hoisin & peanut sauce

  • Traditional (Vegan)
  • Prawn, pork neck
  • Duck, hoisin
  • Prawn, green mango

Indonesian "Warung"

Price per person $8.50 (2 items per person) 

Nasi Goreng

  • Fried rice with chicken, prawns, eggs, kecap mains, shallot...

Satay Babi (GF)

  • Indonesian pork skewers cooked over charcoal, served with a rich peanut sauce  

Peking Duck Station

Price per person $8.00

Traditional hot crispy peking duck carved to order with pancake, shallot, cucumber, hoisin


Bao Buns

Price per person $6.50

Steamed Chinese bread dumplings

  • Pork belly, mooli, pickled carrot, hoisin
  • Miso eggplant (V)


China Sea

Price per person $9.50

Steamed snapper, ginger, shallots & Chinese fried rice with prawns

Nam Koa Thod

Price per person $6.50

Lao crispy rice salad with fried rice balls, fermented pork sausages, peanuts, grated coconut

Thai Fried Rice (GF, V)

Price per person $6.50

Organic eggs, prawns, chicken thigh, ginger...


**All prices are exclusive of GST

(GF) = Gluten Free, (V) = Vegetarian (DF) = Dairy Free