BBQ Menu


Sausages: bratwurst, lamb and chicken & tarragon

Rosemary and garlic lamb cutlet

Coriander and lemongrass skewered prawns

Pepper crusted beef mignons

Lemon and thyme chicken breasts

Cajun blackened chicken tenderloin

Char-grilled ocean trout fillet basted in dill butter

Ginger and apple glazed pork tenderloin

Chilli and lime grilled baby octopus

Free range chicken drummettes

Sesame soy marinated tofu steak

Char-grilled cheese stuffed eggplant round

Lemon and oregano lamb souvlaki with tzatziki

Trios of mushrooms, garlic, olive oil


Side Dishes

Oven roasted chat potatoes

Crisp garden vegetables

Potato and parmesan gratin

Creole ratatouille

Corn on the cob

Baked risotto with zucchini, tomato and parmesan

Roast potato duets of sweet potato and kifpler potatoes with spec

Honey glazed baby carrots with marjoram

Caramelised Spanish onions

Cumin and honey roasted kumara with coriander

Char-grilled root vegetables with basil aioli and roasted garlic

Wild rice pilaf with lemon & almonds

Roasted woodland mushroom tart with caramelised onion and soft goats cheese


Salad Buffet

Traditional Caesar salad with garlic croutons & crisp pancetta

Baby mesclun with poppy seed vinaigrette

Caprese salad - mozzarella, roma tomatoes, baby basil, olive oil

Preserved lemon & toasted almond couscous salad

German potato salad with bacon and egg

Vegetarian Nicoise with new potatoes, green beans, Spanish onions, cherry tomatoes, egg, and olives (tuna optional)

Creamy Italian or Asian style coleslaw

Baby spinach salad with almonds, oregano and a citrus, honey and mustard vinaigrette

Char-grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan

Moroccan chick pea, tomato, and shallot salad

Grilled field mushroom bruschetta with mustard Crème fraîche

Salad of warm sweet potato, blue cheese & roasted walnuts

Radicchio leaves with shaved Reggiano




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Choose 5 for $30.00pp


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Choose 2 for $6.00pp

Choose 3 for $7.00pp

Choose 4 for $9.00pp


All BBQ menus include complimentary bread rolls and butter

**All prices are exclusive of GST