Price per person / per selection $4.00

Mohr im Hemd a’la Sacher (GF) - chocolate & hazelnut pudding, vanilla cream 

Mini chocolate fondant

Assorted French macaroons (GF) 

Banana, mango, coconut tropical salad, passionfruit sorbet* (GF, DF) seasonal summer

Pear, mint, apple & mandarin salad with tapioca pearls* (GF, DF) seasonal winter

Vanilla & rhubarb crème brulee (GF)

Compote of spiced berries with French vanilla bean ice cream, crème anglaise (GF)

Bambino ice cream cones 

Classic tiramisu

Berry frangipane tart with Creme Fraiche

Traditional cannoli of ricotta, honey, pistachio

Apple & rhubarb crumble, Chantilly cream

Strawberry rose jelly, vanilla panna cotta 

Chocolate & ginger èclair

Glazed seasonal fruit tarts, vanilla crème patisserie

Australian & European cheese selection, lavoche biscuits, dried fruits, quince paste 

Premium Gelato & Sorbet 

1 per person / selection of 2 


"Black Forest" Chocolate & Sour cherry, Murry River salted caramel popcorn, "Snickers Bar", Pancake & maple with candied citrus, lychee & coconut, "Popping" wild strawberry,"Mango Fool" with raspberry meringue kisses, walnut, tiramisu, pistachio, parsnip


Rhubarb (DF), Chocolate (DF), "Berryfull" (DF), yoghurt

(minimum of 30 guests)

Miniature Cupcakes

1 per person / selection of 3

Red velvet, strawberry & cream cheese frosting

Flourless orange, poppy seed (GF)

Chocolate mud, Belgian chocolate ganache, honeycomb

Light butter cake filled with lemon curd, topped with Italian Meringue

White velvet, passionfruit



(minimum of 80 guests)

Signature Canapes 

1 per person / selection of 2 (Small plate & fork recommended)

Lemon or passionfruit tart, Italian meringue

Classic chocolate & caramel slice, toffee chips

Chocolate, vanilla, caramel Maclairs

Raspberry meringue tarts

White chocolate & rose profiteroles

White chocolate & raspberry mousse, pink white chocolate glaze, coconut sable

Chocolate & salted caramel crunch tart, chocolate velvet

(minimum of 60 guests)

Dacquoise Rolls (GF)


Lychee, mandarin

Belgian chocolate, hazelnut

Milk chocolate

Peanut butter & jelly

Coconut, passionfruit

Baked Cheese Cakes  


Mixed berry


Tim Tam



An array of cocktail desserts elegantly presented on a perspex pyramid or wooden tiered display.

The European Dessert Tower can be made a feature of your next event with something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and gratify childhood dreams!


1 dessert per person with a selection of 2 price $4.50 per person 
2 desserts per person with a selection of 3 price $8.00 per person 
3 desserts per person with a selection of 4 price $11.00 per person



Celebration cakes/tarts

Price $70.00 +GST each (Round cake 10' approx 18 slices)

Price $160.00 +GST each (Medium size cake 33cmx33cm/ approx 50-60 slices)

Price $280.00 +GST each (Large size cake 57cmx37cm/ approx 100 slices)

Personalised plaques $8.00 +GST

Rich chocolate mud cake, chocolate mousse, Belgian chocolate ganache

Red velvet, white chocolate, raspberry gateaux

Decadent caramel torte, chocolate mousse, ganache

Flourless hazelnut dacquoise sponge cake layered with rick Belgian chocolate creme (GF)

Flourless orange & almond cake (GF)

Lemon & poppy seed cake (GF)

Banana, chocolate, caramel torte topped with crumble

Carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting

Baked Cheesecake


Mixed berry



Destroyer Cake

Chocolate walnut brownie, baked cheesecake, white & dark chocolate mousse, caramelised hazelnuts

Blackforest Cake

Layers of chocolate mousse, cherries, Chantilly cream


Lemon tart, Italian meringue

Passionfruit tart, Italian meringue

Apple crumble tart

Pear, almond tart

Chocolate, cherry, coconut tart

Chocolate, salted caramel tart




Price per person $4.50

A traditional Austrian dessert freshly made in front of your guests.

The delicious caramelised pancake with rum soaked raisins, organic eggs, flour, sugar, butter. 

The Creperie

Price per person $6.50

Hand turned French style crepes with flambéed oranges, rosewater infused double cream, chocolate ganache, mixed berries, slivered almonds, minted melon salsa

(minimum of 30 guests)

Gelato Bar

Price per person 1 x scoop $2.95, 2 x scoops $4.55 / selection of 2

(Including waffle cones or gelato cups)


"Black Forest" chocolate & sour cherry, Murray River salted caramel popcorn, "Snickers Bar",

pancake & maple with candied citrus, lychee & coconut, "Popping" wild strawberry, 

"Mango Fool" with raspberry meringue kisses, walnut, tiramisu, pistachio, parsnip


Rhubarb (DF), chocolate (DF), "berryfull" (DF), yoghurt

(minimum of 50 guests)

Chocolate Fountain

Price from $350.00 (for 50 - 80 guests)

The chocolate fountain is an elegant and entertaining centrepiece for any special occasion.
Experience the sight, aroma & mouth-watering taste of delicious cascading chocolate. Dip your favourite variety of seasonal fruit, honeycomb, marshmallows & more.

(minimum of 50 guests)

Café Coffee

Price available on request

Hire of “Commercial Espresso Machine” from short black espresso to cappuccino.

Including coffee machine, coffee, milk, sugar & barista


(V) = Vegetarian, (GF) = Gluten Free, (DF) = Dairy Free 

**All prices are exclusive of GST