Raelene and Ricardo (Wedding, October 2017)

I hope this email finds you well.

Many months ago, you may recall our very good family friend David Bitton referred me to European Catering.  David is a chef and knows the industry well so I didn’t hesitate with reaching out to European Catering for our wedding.  My first contact was with you whilst we obtained quotes and sample menus and it wasn’t long before we decided to proceed and a contract was drawn up.

When we visited for our menu tasting we were provided parking right out front, met at our car by yourself and Petch and looked after so well for the couple of hours we were there.  We appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself to us on arrival.  Petch provided us with SO MUCH delicious and beautifully presented food and his hospitality was flawless – never without a smile.

In the last few months I have flooded Petch’s inbox with multiple emails, and made numerous calls – all with changes here and there, big and small.  Each and every time, Petch seemed only too happy to help and always so friendly and professional. Nothing I asked was too much trouble and he had answers to all of my questions.

As you would be aware, with a wedding comes so many different elements of stress and from different people – when it came to the catering for our wedding there was no stress, and no worries – we knew everything was under control.

On the wedding day, we had the privilege of meeting Leo.  What a star!  Is there anything Leo can’t do??! Leo introduced himself to me before I walked down the aisle, he arranged a plate of food for Ricardo and I before the reception began, he checked in with us several times during the night and when we came close to running out of beer during the night he presented me with a quick solution instead of a problem, he handled our car confirmations – he was across everything!

Arnold we cannot stress to you enough how grateful Ricardo and I both were to have Petch and Leo look after our wedding. These two gentlemen are a huge asset to your organisation and we have no hesitation in recommending European Catering to friends, family and colleagues going forward.  The professionalism and attention to detail we have received has been second to none.

Please note, I do not write these types of emails very often,  but when we receive exceptional service it is a must – and that’s exactly what we received for our wedding.  Thank you!

Raelene & Ricardo

Vesna (Christening Event, February 2017)

Carlo was brilliant, I called at short notice and he was able to help me navigate exactly what I needed, support me to select the right choices (great advice!) and so easy and pleasant to deal with. I cannot rave even more about Nick. From the minute he comes in, he made me feel extremely comfortable that he had all my needs attended to, he had full control of the event and he had the best attitude, professionalism and awesome personality. I cannot tell you how many compliments my entire family gave Tram on her cooking, she was seamless, the food was absolutely delicious and my family are still talking about it. 

Vanessa - Sydney Health Partners & CMRI (Conference & Cocktail Event, October 2016)

Thank you for making our event such a success and taking the pressure off in the catering department. Knowing you had it all under control was a huge relief I will be recommending you to everyone!! Can't thank you enough!

Rebecca (Wedding, July 2016)

We had the most magical day imaginable and were absolutely blown away by the exceptional, caring and proactive nature of Leo and Petch in the lead-up. We didn't expect Leo to be so, so amazing. He truly was the master in organising the whole day and making sure it ran smoothly. He went above and beyond!

European Catering (Petch and Leo specifically) raise your business well above any other catering business. You are not just caterers, you are event organisers!!! Absolutely incredible. I have already recommended your business to Fern Cheyney who has already used you for an event, and will continue to spruik your excellence to anyone who will listen! 

Truly, absolutely outstanding. Leo was even with us before walking down the aisle to make sure we were calm and all set to go. He even had his mobile out with the photography family run-sheet to ensure we were capturing the shots we requested! Appreciated the proactiveness.  

Petch has been outstanding from the get-go, in organising everything beforehand. Both him and Leo have exceptional personal skills and make you feel at ease and more than anything, that they have everything in hand and everything is organised perfectly. 

Thanks again for a truly amazing wedding day. The day would not have been what it was, without you guys.

Danielle (Wedding, April 2016)

The extent of European Catering's professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to service was incredibly impressive throughout all of our interactions in the planning phase and on the day. As detail-oriented as Kurtis and I are, you remained two steps ahead of us throughout the entire planning which completely minimised the need for us to stress beforehand. The day itself ran absolutely flawlessly, Thanks to your incredible and hardworking staff. The whole day was so memorable and flowed so seamlessly and we really are so grateful that we engaged you as our wedding caterer. 

Julia - WSP/ Parsons Brinckerhoff (Cocktail, March 2016)

The staff and food exceeded my expectations; they were on time and took control of everything. The food was superb and I have received a lot of good feedback from the attendees. The supervisor and bar staff/ waiters were excellent and very professional I would definitely use European Catering again. Many thanks for making it a successful night. 

Crystal - The University of Sydney (Conference, February 2015)

We Appreciate European Catering for all the advice, help, flexibility, quality and service provided to ensure that our Conference was a true success. We heard lots of lovely feedback from our Evaluation Form regarding the food, our guests kept going on and on about how great the food was. I was truly impressed. I greatly appreciated Carlo and Leo's professional advice and direction during the planning process and execution of the event on the day. 

Georgia - Lend Lease (Cocktail Event, February 2015)

A great team to work with, very professional and pleasant a big thank you to Andrew for running such a tight ship of well trained staff. I was told "best function food we've ever had" by at least a dozen people. Thank you for making my first event at Lend Lease such a success.